Anti Gravity Racing Kit

AG Racing Kit for Unreal Engine

The AG Racing Kit is a package for the development of anti gravity racing games in Unreal Engine. Key part of this package is the advanced AG vehicle controller, featuring a fully customizable setup including adjustable levitation height, thrust-, airbrake-, stabilization and drag forces.

Vehicle Design by Dwight Mann follow him on Artstation!

AG Vehicle Physics

The improved vehicle setup has a fully customizable anti gravity physics setup including adjustable levitation height, Thrust-, Airbrake-, Stabilization and Drag forces. To ensure the best cornering even at higher speeds, the vehicle has two Animated Airbrakes which affect the steering behavior of the vehicle. Auto-Align and Magnetic Lock functionalities help the vehicle to stay aligned or even locked to the surface. Smooth input and the new autopilot controls are replicated and multiplayer ready.

Spline Track Editor

Creating Spline Tracks is easier than ever before thanks to the improved Spline Track Blueprint optimized for vehicles. It is possible to use multiple spline meshes along one spline, for example standard and magnetic tracks, tunnels, special parts and much more. The terrain alignment function allows entire tracks to be projected onto the terrain using line tracing. With the optional Spline Track Generator and auto checkpoint / boostpad placement, the creation of entire tracks is achievable within seconds.

Racing Manager

With support for different race types, the Racing Manager takes care of all race logic behind the scenes. It combines the vehicle controllers with the all new Checkpoint System and is responsible for updating every Player's UI race information. Setting up race propertys like lap count, player start positions and much more is possible in the Details Panel of the Blueprint. Currently supported race types are multilap and sprint events.


• UE4 Vehicle Physics Setup

• Airbrakes with Animated Flaps

• Magnetic lock to Surface Functionality

• Smooth Keyboard and Controller Input

• Thrid Person Camera Setup

• Spline Based Autopilot Controls

• Advanced Spline Track Blueprint

• Racing Manager / Checkpoint System

• Network Replicated


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